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QRIS Spark

What is Spark?

Learning is a lifelong process that starts at birth. Children’s brains develop rapidly in the first five years, making early care and education programs vitally important for even the youngest children.

Spark is a statewide program from Oregon’s Early Learning Division helping parents and families access quality child care. It is the updated version of the Quality Rating and Improvement System, or QRIS, and it is improving the quality of child care in Oregon in two ways:

  • Spark connects families to quality early learning and care programs that prepare children for kindergarten and lifelong learning.
  • Spark offering coaching, professional development and resources to help early learning and care programs include developmental appropriate experiences and keep improving the quality of the care they provide to your children.  

Many kinds of early care and education programs participate in Spark, from large centers to in-home care, working with children from birth through school age. They represent many backgrounds and languages—just like Oregon’s diverse families. The time your child spends in child care is valuable. Make it the best it can be. Choose a quality program that is part of Spark.

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